About Us

 Carver Academy

A California Distinguished School

Carver Academy is a 2020 California Distinguished School!  We were extremely excited to be invited to apply for the California Distinguished School in December 2019 which the State of California awards every two years to exemplary elementary schools. The application was based on the continued success of our School wide Enrichment Clusters and our continued academic success. Carver Academy was duly recognized and awarded with the California Distinguished Award in February, which is our fourth Department of Education award.  This was a testament and honor to our many students who arrive on our campus everyday excited about their education and ready to learn.


On another high note, the California Businesses & Education Excellence Program recognized Carver with their 2019 Honor Roll Award, yet another award for closing the achievement gap for lower socioeconomic students.  We are proud that Carver students and staff have been acknowledged for their dedication and diligence in working together and look forward to years of continued success. 


This past year the Carver community has been working diligently to create a school wide discipline program based on Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). We are proud to announce that our new motto is Carver CARES.  CARES is an acronym wherein each letter stands for a character trait that the community felt was important for students to learn in order to be well rounded individuals and better students.



A Positive Attitude


Enthusiasm for Learning

Strive for Excellence


Parents and students can expect this new plan to be in place this fall and we will inform you of the basics of the plan by Back-to-School Night.


Family Nights at Carver

Carver Academy believes that in order for children to do their very best in school, they must feel a part of their learning community.  With this in mind, the Carver staff and PTA have prepared a series of Family Nights that invite parents and siblings onto the Carver campus for a shared learning experience.  



Magnet Program

Enrichment Clusters

An integral part of Carver is our Enrichment Cluster Program.  Recognizing that all learners are unique, learning experiences must take into account the abilities, interests, and learning styles of individual students.  Twice a year during the six-week cluster, students spend one hour a week exploring a topic of interest with the assistance of knowledgeable community members.  Along with gaining in-depth insight into a particular topic, students begin to take responsibility and interest in their own learning.  The regular curriculum is supported, expanded and enhanced by children participating in enrichment activities and bringing their enthusiasm into the classroom setting.  Student and cluster leaders communicate what they have accomplished at a schoolwide celebration to culminate the Enrichment Cluster Program.  These educational opportunities, supported by an excellent teaching staff, create a first rate educational opportunity that is both challenging and enjoyable for Carver Academy students.


Once again our Enrichment Clusters will be held in the winter and spring.  We are actively seeking volunteers who are willing to facilitate a group for one hour per week for six weeks.  The cluster may be a class that you have a passion for or one that you want to learn about along with the students.  If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please contact us at (562) 229-7840.