Magnet Program


A Communication Arts Magnet School

Academic Excellence, Lifelong Success 

The magnet program was established to enable students to garner necessary skills for success in their future, through exploration of both interpersonal and technological communication. The emphasis on schoolwide enrichment and academic achievement for all students provides a foundation for lifelong success while developing talents and abilities. The yearlong curriculum plan, based on the California Academic Content Standards, is organized into three schoolwide themes: Who We are on Planet Earth, Ways in Which We Communicate, and The Working of Our World. These themes are inquiry based, interdisciplinary, and interrelated across all academic areas. Student communication projects include digital photography, broadcasting, digital video and movie production, computer presentations, and poster creation with scanners and large size printers. The journey to success begins at Carver Academy, which provides the skills for success in the 21st Century. Effective communication, technology competency, obtaining and managing information and the application of knowledge are the basis for life long success.

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow
What skills are necessary to be successful in the 21st century?
  • Communicate effectively
  • Obtain and manage information
  • Apply knowledge to real world problems
  • Apply the basic skills of reading, writing, speaking and math in authentic situations
  • Use technology appropriately and skillfully

Enrichment Clusters
Carver has adopted the Enrichment Cluster Program as part of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model. Recognizing that all learners are unique, learning experiences must take into account the abilities, interests, and learning styles of individual students. Twice a year during the six-week cluster, students spend one hour a week exploring a topic of interest with the assistance of knowledgeable community members. Along with gaining in-depth insight into a particular topic, students begin to take responsibility and interest in their own learning. The regular curriculum is supported, expanded and enhanced by children participating in enrichment activities and bringing their enthusiasm into the classroom setting. Student and cluster leaders communicate what they have accomplished at a schoolwide celebration to culminate the Enrichment Cluster Program. These educational opportunities, supported by an excellent teaching staff, create a first rate educational opportunity that is both challenging and enjoyable for Carver Academy students.

Once again our Enrichment Clusters will be held in the Winter and Spring. We are actively seeking volunteers who are willing to facilitate a group for one hour per week for six weeks. The cluster may be a class that you have a passion for or one that you want to learn about along with the students. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please contact us at (562) 229-7840.